The Nehemiah Project

Nehemiah Project

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The Nehemiah Project – Rebuilding the Personal Financial Wall

The Nehemiah Project is designed to:

  1. Help those who need an immediate turn-around in their personal finances to be blessed of God, so that they can be a blessing to others, and
  2. To assist those who are already enjoying the Lord’s financial blessings to be an even greater blessing to others.

Word came to Nehemiah in 445 BC that the Jewish exiles who survived and returned to Jerusalem now found themselves in great trouble and disgrace.  The Jews were exposed to many enemies that surrounded the great city of Jerusalem, because the walls were broken and the gates burned with fire.  This caused Nehemiah to be troubled and weep. 

Today, some of God’s children live in a place where their financial walls are broken and destroyed.  These Christians live a life of great trouble, disgrace, and lack while exposed to the attack of the enemies called debt, poverty, and despair; under the Malachi 3:9 curse because they are robbing God to pay for a lifestyle of uncontrolled spending. 
Just as Nehemiah went before God and the king, requesting to go and repair the Jerusalem wall, he was granted the resources to handle this assignment.  Today, ThePower2GetWealth is anointed with the resources to help repair the financial walls of God’s people.

It is God’s desire for His people to have a blessed relationship with Him; for His children are the recipient of His abundant blessings.  He desires that the financial walls of His people be restored and fortified. Therefore the plan of ThePower2GetWealth carries a three-fold mission, to teach, coach, and provide a method for His people to: 

  1. Provide for their own needs;
  2. Provide for the preaching of the gospel; and
  3. Be a blessing to others.

How well are you doing?

Take a look at where you stand.  A suggested spending ratio should be:

  • 10% Tithe
  • 20% Savings
  • 70% Your want and need expenses